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> in 2011, the company was rated as “advanced collective of jiangsu intellectual property service agencies”.

> in 2012, the company was rated as “three-star patent agency in jiangsu province”, “technology service star enterprise in high-tech zone of kunshan”, and “advanced unit in patent work of suzhou national high-tech industrial development zone”.

> in 2013, dong jianlin, the director of the company, was elected as one of the ninth executive directors of all-china patent attorneys association. the company was also chosen as one of the members of the standing council of jiangsu patent attorneys association.

> in 2014, the company was rated as” second-batch national intellectual property service brand cultivation units”, “intellectual property service organization of enterprise intellectual property strategy promotion project of jiangsu”. among the 100 outstanding inventions of jiangsu in 2013, 12 are drafted by us, accounting for 12%.

> in 2015, among the patents drafted by us, one won “gold award of the 9th patent project of jiangsu”, and two won “excellence awards”. our company was also awarded as “three-star patent agent on comprehensive strength in china’s patent industry”, and the numbers of “three-star patent attorney” and “one-star patent attorney” were one and three respectively.


> in 2016, xu wanjing and sun min were rated as members of the database of the first-batch national patent information practice talents of sipo. dong jianlin was rated as one of the first-batch experts of the supreme people's court intellectual property case guidance research (beijing) base expert advisory committee. our company had the honor to be four-star patent agency of jiangsu, jiangsu patent agency management standardization demonstration organization, three-star patent agency on comprehensive strength in china's patent industry, and national intellectual property service brand cultivation unit.

> in 2017, our company was rated as “best intellectual property characteristic service agency”, “jiangsu top 100 science & technology service organizations” and “nanjing outstanding intellectual property service agency”. 

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