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zongheng ip pays attention to talent cultivation and currently includes 145 employees, 30% of which received a master degree or above, and 95% received a bachelor degree. among them, there are 2 of the first-batch national patent information practice talents of sipo, 1 of the first-batch experts of the supreme people's court intellectual property case guidance research (beijing) base expert advisory committee, 65 patent attorneys, 7 attorneys at law (four of them have both the lawyer's practice license and the patent attorney work permit), 1 three-star patent attorney, 1 two-star patent attorney, 1 one-star patent attorney, 1 intellectual property key talent, 2 national patent information practice talents, 2 intellectual property professional and technical talents, 3 auditors for certification of intellectual property standards implementation. the professional background of the employees covers mechanics, electrical and electronic engineering, automation, electronic communication, computer science, chemical engineering, biomedical science, etc.

dong jianlin: director and general manager, attorney at law, patent attorney

graduated from xuzhou normal university and nanjing university, with dual professional backgrounds in chemistry and law

business areas: patent law, company law, contract law, etc

he has worked in the professions of patent and law for more than ten years. the main business involves application, reexamination and invalidation of the patents, intellectual property right cases relating to patents, trademarks, 星力平台下载 copyrights, trade secrets and unfair competition, technology property rights cases, and litigation of technology contract disputes. he has handled more than 100 cases of patent invalidation and infringement litigation, which won him a quite good reputation. up to now, he has provided patent application services for many companies such as guodian nanjing automation co., ltd., nanrui group co., ltd., state grid electric power research institute, state grid jiangsu electric power co., ltd., electric power research institute of state grid jiangsu electric power co., ltd., hohai university and nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, and has been serving as a legal adviser for various state-owned companies, joint-stock companies, and individuals.

xu wanjing: deputy general manager, patent attorney, senior engineer

major in energy engineering and automation, department of power engineering of southeast university

business areas: patents in the field of electrical and electronic engineering

she once worked as an engineer of the nanjing new gas source construction site command, responsible for the construction of the plant for gas production from the light oil, including the design and construction of electrical system and hydraulic system. she is familiar with the construction and process of the substation of the petrochemical system, and the construction and commissioning of automatic control system. she also worked as a senior engineer in nanjing ganghua gas co., ltd., responsible for the plant for gas production from the light oil and the operation and management of natural gas, and participated in the construction of various projects, technological transformations, and the formulation of various regulations. she has rich experiences in drafting patent applications and has dealt with nearly one thousand domestic patent application and pct, especially patent applications in the fields of electronics, automatic control, and communication. she has been engaged in patent invalidation and infringement for seven years and has dealt with lots of cases of patent invalidation and infringement.

sun min: deputy general manager, patent attorney

major in packaging engineering, department of mechanical engineering of wuhan polytechnic university

business areas: patents in the field of machinery

she worked as an engineer at the first institute of zhejiang motorcycle co., ltd. and was familiar with mechanical design and related machining processes. she also worked as a senior patent engineer in suzhou positec electric tools co., ltd. and participated in the r&d process to provide a full range of patent solutions for a variety of new products, including patent search, infringement analysis, drafting domestic and foreign patents, guiding design avoidance, providing patent risk assessment report, proposing a full range of patent protection strategies for product innovation and design, establishing patent database., participating in the establishment of the company's patent management system, and providing one-stop professional patent services for the enterprises.

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