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1.jpgpatent services2.jpgtrademark services3.jpg星力平台下载 copyright services
patent application

patent mining

novelty search for patent application

domestic and international 

(via pct and paris convention procedures)applications for patens

request for substantive examination, rectification of application documents and response to office actions

request for patent reexamination

request for patent invalidation 

request for patent priority examination

patent maintenance

handling all kinds of copies of patents

patent alteration and transfer

filing record of patent licensing contracts

request for reduction of patent-related fees

trademark query

trademark registration

trademark extension

trademark alteration

trademark transfer

filling record of trademark licensing contracts

registration of trademark pledge

trademark opposition

invalidation and revocation

customs' protection for trademark

trademark management

trademark administrative litigation

computer software registration

星力平台下载 copyright registration

software product evaluation

software enterprise assessment (annual assessment)

星力平台下载 copyright disputes and litigation

4.jpgscience & technology project application5.jpgsearch & analysis services6.jpghigh-end value-added services

high-tech enterprises of jiangsu province

high-tech products of jiangsu province

small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises of jiangsu province

key enterprise r&d instiutions of jiangsu province

national and jiangsu engineering technology research centers

various types of national,provincial and municipal talents introduction plans

all kinds of provincial and municipal special funds for technology innovation and talents

patent novelty search and analysis

patent evaluation analysis

invalidation case analysis

patent micro-navigation

industry patent navigation

patent competition intelligence analysis

assessment for patent infringement risk

patent early warning analysis

fto retrieval and analysis

intellectual property due diligence

intellectual property training

intellectual property strategy planning and consultation on patent early warning

high value patent mining and cultivation

consultation on intellectual property standardization system

intellectual property operations

enterprise intellectual property management standards (enterprise standards implementation)

7.jpglegal services

handling infringement litigation cases

accepting others' employment

acting as a legal advisor for enterprises and individuals

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