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guodian nanjing automation co., ltd.
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going public on november 18, 1999,guodian nanjing automation co., ltd.(sac stock code: 600268) is the first high-tech enterprise of the state power system listed in shanghai stock exchange and enjoys the reputation of "no.1 power high-tech share in china". it is now affiliated to china huadian corporation.

sac is originally called nanjing electric power automation equipment general factory which was founded in 1940. after the foundation of new china, the company developed the first and second generation of static protective relay products, and has made many top creative achievements in china. the company has won the honors of one of top 50 industrial enterprises in nanjing, key high scientific & technical enterprise of state torch plan, one of the top 10 (chinese) outstanding & innovative enterprises and backbone enterprise of state power automation industrial base. 

zongheng intellectual property aims to provide high-quality services

the company has been committed to providing high-quality intellectual property services for businesses and individuals since 2002. it has established a win-win and stable cooperative relationship with various types of enterprises, universities and colleges, and research institutes including guodian nanrui technology co., ltd., guodian nanjing automation co., ltd., xugong group, state grid jiangsu electric power co., ltd., state grid electric power research institute, china energy engineering group jiangsu electric power design institute co., ltd., state grid state grid jiangsu electric power co., ltd. electric power research institute, nanjing university, hohai university, soochow university, nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, etc. the main ip information service partners include jiangsu patent information service center, incopat, and patsnap. in the future, we will further focus on the talents introduction and cultivation, make full use of the location advantages of jiangbei new district of nanjing, many years of development experience, and long-term customer resources to continuously provide customers with comprehensive and high-level intellectual property services.


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