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jiangsu huahui zongheng technology information consulting co., ltd. (abbr. as huahui), established by nanjing zongheng ip, is a technology consulting organization aiming to provide services for the technology-based enterprises in jiangsu province. its branches are located in nanjing, zhenjiang, changzhou, wuxi, suzhou, kunshan, zhangjiagang, nantong, etc.

huahui has a technical team known for its diverse professional fields and rich practical experiences. the development of the company has always been based on the teamwork and the corporate management, and the consulting team and the project implementation team are the basic organizational forms. most importantly, the company attaches great importance to the quality and level of the services, and has formed a complete system of quality control, examination and review in the internal management and control. we believe that the needs of our clients are always the first priority. therefore, depending on the characteristics of our clients, we choose a professional service team with relevant industry experience to make solutions for our clients, which is the key to the success.

in recent years, as a comprehensive management & service organization, the company has been focusing on intellectual property management and s&t consulting research. through long-term practice, the company can proficiently provide a series of services covering investigation and evaluation, document drafting, and process management training, in which the preparation of application materials for various technology projects is one of the professional fields which we are expert at, therefore we accumulate a large number of clients and successful cases.


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