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shanzhai high - tech textbooks reveal the face of booksellers operating famous experts
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"high vocational college textbook publishing and distribution market chaos" report tracking

the bookseller handles the plate program name to take the celebrity expert to hang a name casually

"materials cover in leather, churning out a mess is a surface phenomenon, such as the problem is that behind, including publishing plan, the senior editor, editorial board, many key elements are fake." "there are a lot of problems in the publishing and distribution of textbooks for higher vocational colleges," an industry veteran told reporters.

last august 14, the japanese press published a report on the "high vocational college textbook publishing and distribution market disorder", which attracted high attention from the central leading comrades and wide attention from the society. over the past few months, our correspondent has continued to follow up on the current situation in this field with more knowledge and findings.

the words "planning textbook" on the cover are a gimmick

"a textbook network" organized by a beijing culture co., ltd. has collected 436 kinds of teaching materials for higher vocational colleges published by the publishing house of transportation, finance and economics, and science and technology, covering public basic courses and specialized courses. "high-quality goods of a century, higher vocational teaching material", "face" twelfth five-year "a planning new teaching material", "x version of" the 11th five-year higher vocational nursing teaching material ", "" twelfth five-year" some education plan "and other kinds of teaching material of" planning "the words from the page.

on the cover of the teaching material in an institute of technology press, marked in "a series of higher vocational college computer basic education for teaching of the century", "high-quality goods of mouji form a complete set of course materials", "vocational a faculty committee of excellent teaching material", "one of the first batch of nation-level model vocational colleges achievement", etc.

the textbooks published by a chinese publishing house in beijing are labeled as "education planning textbook for xx public quality" and "planning textbook for xx hotel service and management".

the textbook engineering mechanics published by a publishing house in central china for higher vocational colleges is a planning textbook of the 12th five-year plan. gao jiaosi our reporter found that in the ministry of education and the national higher school teaching research center sponsored by the national ordinary higher education textbooks published online for teaching of "engineering mechanics", the press and its material is not included.

in view of the general manager of higher vocational college "planning textbooks", this newspaper reporters to the ministry of education in charge of the relevant certification. the official made it clear: "the ministry of education has no plans to approve or approve these textbooks. some of the publishing houses have tricked themselves into writing anything.

it is revealed that the "11th five-year plan textbook" approved by the ministry of education and approved by the ministry of education will be marked with the words "11th five-year plan textbook" on the cover. so, some of the press to flaunt oneself to the standardization of the teaching material content and project construction level, attract the attention of higher vocational college teachers, often also crown "so-and-so" 11th five-year plan "for teaching", "so-and-so innovation teaching material" and "so-and-so experimental teaching materials", etc.

with very popular on the market of a teaching material of "elaborate works" as an example, part of the press and the higher vocational college, how many of national demonstrative higher vocational project acceptance index of fine courses, vocational college in order to create "demonstration" is not published. in charge of the ministry of education said that did not review the national demonstrative higher vocational colleges, the article, just requirements higher vocational college must have first-class teacher team, teaching content, teaching methods, teaching management and teaching materials, etc.

"it is clear that some publishing houses and higher vocational colleges have changed hands, competing to operate and publish high-quality textbooks has become a selling point." "it only takes three to five months for a quality textbook to organize teachers to write chapters separately, with a short publishing cycle and a quick market effect," said an industry veteran.

"those who know the situation know that these 'planning textbooks' are fake, and those who don't think they are national planning textbooks. in fact, it was never approved by anyone. education ministry officials said.

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