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tian lipu's new year's message: again innovative achievements, another new chapter
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one yuan starts again and everything is renewed. the nice time in this new, i, on behalf of the state intellectual property office, striving in intellectual property rights to the front of the comrades, to the long-term concern and support the work of intellectual property rights leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life express our heartfelt thanks to you for new year and all the blessing!

the year 2012 was an extraordinary year in the development of china's intellectual property rights cause. the 18th national congress of the communist party of china was successfully convened. the central economic work conference once again raised the importance of strengthening ipr protection and strengthening new drivers of innovation-driven development. all these have pointed out the direction for the development of china's intellectual property.

in 2012, china's ipr industry achieved outstanding results. the pace of the implementation of national intellectual property strategy through 4 years, from central to local, from intellectual property management departments to the innovation main body, intellectual property rights of all work scientific development present a thriving good situation.

encourage the creation of outstanding achievements. according to the world intellectual property index 2012 released by the world intellectual property organization, china has become the largest country in patent application. according to the report, china was the world's fastest growing country among international patent applications filed through the patent cooperation treaty (pct) in 2011. zte corporation ranks first in the corporate world with 2,826 products. in 2012, the first million chinese invention patents were born. it took only 27 years for china to reach this goal, which is the shortest time in the world. by the end of october 2012, the ownership of invention patents per 10,000 people in china had reached 3.09, up 30.4% from 2.37 at the end of last year.

the effective application is remarkable. in 2012, the state intellectual property office, together with ten ministries and commissions, formulated several opinions on strengthening the work of intellectual property rights in strategic emerging industries to comprehensively promote the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries. we will further carry out trials for evaluating intellectual property rights in major economic and technological activities. to carry out research on the high-end development of the patent application navigation industry; to carry out pilot work on patent insurance and value analysis; in the first nine months of 2012, the national patent pledge amount was 8.47 billion yuan, involving 1942 patents.

the level of legal protection has been raised. in 2012, the state intellectual property office of patent administrative law enforcement professional research actively, promoted the new changes of the patent law, "the service invention ordinance (draft)" and the regulation on patent agency to revise the draft (draft) "has been submitted to the state council. this year, the state intellectual property office of the thorough implementation of "decision on strengthening the patent administrative law enforcement work", carry out the patent administrative law enforcement and intellectual property rights of aid to report complaints about performance appraisal evaluation work; to organize and carry out special actions on ipr enforcement and protection. in the first 10 months of 2012, the country's intellectual property system accepted 5,942 patent disputes and investigated and dealt with fake patent cases, an increase of 146% over the same period last year.

enhanced scientific management capability. in 2012, the state intellectual property office identified the first 23 national intellectual property demonstration cities. and the nine departments of the state council jointly developed china's first "about to speed up the cultivation and guidance for the development of intellectual property services", approved the first national intellectual property service development experimental zone; we continued to improve and improve the patent agent qualification examination system, and the number of people who passed the examination reached a record high. by the end of october 2012, a total of 147.43 million people in china had obtained the patent agent qualification, with 8001 licensed patent agents and 909 patent agencies in the whole industry.

look back on the past. looking ahead, i am full of confidence. in 2013, is the key to implement the party's eighteen big spirit, also is the key to the implementation of the "twelfth five-year" plan the future one year, but also to build a well-off society in an all-round way to lay the solid foundation of important a year. transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, strategic emerging industry development, accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development, the construction of an innovative country bear, we must be as the guidance, in the spirit of the eighteenth big demand as the guidance, insist on economic and social development with the use of patent system and patent resources as the core, further activate innovation main body of innovation, strive to improve the quality of patents, promote the patent utilization, strengthen the law enforcement, the development of intellectual property services, fostering intellectual property culture, provide more powerful support for economic and social development.

of the new year, in the face of changing situation both at home and abroad, the reality of both opportunities and challenges, we must take scientific development as the theme, in order to change the pattern of economic development as the main line, unswervingly implement the strategy of intellectual property rights, promote efficient allocation of innovation resources and integrated, condensation of the wisdom and strength in the whole society to innovation and development for industrial transformation and upgrading, comprehensive economic and social development, and as soon as possible into an innovative country and innovative achievement, spectrum chapter again, create a new situation of intellectual property development! (tian lipu, director of the state intellectual property office)

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