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apple and samsung are locked in a bidding war
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apple's patent infringement lawsuit against samsung intensified in 2012. apple filed a new lawsuit in the united states in early 2012 alleging that samsung's new products unfairly used apple's technology. apple ceo tim cook and samsung ceo choi met in san francisco in may 2012 to seek a settlement, but failed. on july 30, apple's samsung patent case opened in san jose federal district court. on august 24th a jury in the court ruled that samsung had to pay $1.05 billion to apple. the same day, a south korean court ruled that apple had infringed two of samsung's technology patents and had to stop selling infringing products in the country. samsung and apple, the world's two largest smartphone makers, have so far fought off each other in patent battles in more than a dozen countries.

comments: the world's two largest smartphone maker this "fights" concern for patent infringement, the biggest focus is not in, i'm afraid the case litigation itself, but in the determination of patent infringement judging criteria. especially in transnational economic activities, the legal protection standard of intellectual property, how to achieve fairness, justice and clarity, is undoubtedly a problem that needs our careful consideration.

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