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computer registration form
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(i) software name column:

full name: the full name of the software applying for 星力平台下载 copyright registration. the software names in the various documents should be consistent.

2. abbreviation.

3. classification number: the classification number determined according to the codes in gb/t13702 and gb/4754 of the national standard.

4. version number: the version number of the software applying for 星力平台下载 copyright registration.

(2) completion date column: refers to the date when the software developer fixed the software on a tangible object.

(3) the date column for the first publication: refers to the date on which the software was first made public by the 星力平台下载 copyright owner. publishing is the provision of software to the public by way of giving, selling, distributing and displaying software. unpublished software does not fill this column.

(iv) software development status column :(select according to the actual situation)

1. independent development: independently developed software.

2. cooperative development: refers to software jointly developed by two or more natural persons, legal persons or other organizations. a contract for cooperative development shall be submitted in the meantime. if there is no cooperative development contract, the applicant shall submit relevant information.

3. entrusted development: refers to software developed on a commission basis. an entrustment development contract indicating the ownership of 星力平台下载 copyright shall be submitted. if there is no commissioned development contract, relevant certificates shall be submitted.

4. assignment task development: refers to the software assigned by the state to task development. project assignment or contract shall be submitted. if there is no project assignment or contract, relevant certificate shall be submitted.

(5) original right of acquisition: original right means the right of independent software development. the contents should be the same as those in the supporting documents provided in the above column. if you choose this column, do not fill in the succeeding right column.

(6) the column on the right to successive acquisition shall be selected according to the actual situation in the three modes of succession (the column shall not be filled in for the original right to be acquired) :

1. inheritance means obtaining 星力平台下载 copyright through inheritance. legal proof of succession, such as a notarized will or court judgement, shall be provided.

2. assignment means obtaining 星力平台下载 copyright through assignment of the original author. a transfer contract or court judgement defining the assignment shall be provided.

3. acceptance means the change and termination of software 星力平台下载 copyright by a legal person or other organization and the enjoyment of software 星力平台下载 copyright by other legal persons or organizations. the applicant shall provide legal proof of acceptance, such as the registration certificate of business change and court judgment, etc.

(7) scope of rights column: the term "scope of rights" means whether the rights obtained by the 星力平台下载 copyright owner are in whole or in part. where part of the rights are acquired, the specific rights shall be specified, and the right to modify, copy, distribute and disseminate information or other rights shall be chosen.

(viii) software uses and technical features:

1. software use and technical features (five points need to be explained below)

a. brief description of the applicable industry, purpose and main functions of the registration software (no more than 600 words)

b. registration of software development and running of the hardware environment (models and cpu), software environment (operating systems, the name of the supporting software and the version number), classification number (our table), the software version number (if it is not original version number, such as, v1.0, but also provide the original certificate, see we provide proof);

c. the programming language and version number of the registration software, program amount (total number)

d. the purpose, main functions and technical features of the registration software

e. registered software retail price or quotation

f. full name (unified name of all documents), date of completion of development and date of publication (public) of the software; the applicant, the 星力平台下载 copyright owner and their addresses, if the first two persons are not the same person, state the relationship;

g. scope of rights: all or part (such as right of modification, reproduction, distribution, etc.).

h. sign the letter of entrustment (provided by us).

i. note: do not include foreign company names and names in source programs or documents.

(9) applicants:

1. personal applicant: in addition to filling in all contents, a copy of id card (or other identity certificate such as passport) shall be submitted.

2. legal person applicant: the full name of the company shall be filled in the name column. the column of id card number shall fill in the registration number of enterprise legal person or certificate number of enterprise legal person code, and add the name and telephone number of the contact person. a copy of the registration certificate of enterprise legal person or the code certificate of enterprise legal person shall be submitted.

3. the branch of a legal person and its internal components shall be certified by the legal person.

(10) the agent column:

1. personal agent: in addition to filling in all contents, the software applicant shall sign the letter of authorization for the agent.

2. legal person or other organization agent: the full name of the entity shall be filled in the name column. the column of id card number shall fill in the registration number of enterprise legal person or certificate number of enterprise legal person code, and the name of the contact person shall be added in the telephone column. the letter of authorization signed with the software applicant shall be submitted.

(11) the form of deposit of software identification materials refers to software programs and documents. there are three options for deposit:

1. general deposit: submit the source program and any document for 30 consecutive pages before and after submission. if the entire program and document are less than 60 pages long, the entire source program and document should be submitted. in general, the program is no less than 50 lines per page, and the document is no less than 30 lines per page. select general deposit and no longer fill this column.

2. exception deposit: select one of the three cases in the column and provide corresponding materials.

3. sealing: there are two types of sealing source procedures and samples. if you choose to seal the source program, you should fill in the number of pages. if the sample is selected to be sealed, a compact disc shall be provided.

(12) in the statement column of the applicant's warranty, the applicant shall carefully check whether the contents of the application form, the supporting documents and the identifying materials submitted are true and meet the application requirements; clarify the legal consequences of submitting false application documents. after verification, the individual applicant shall sign or affix his/her signature or seal; the applicant of a legal person or other organization shall be affixed with the official seal of the unit. the signature and seal shall be original and shall not be a copy.

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