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how to write software
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8. is software similarity an infringement?

a: software developed by software developers, which is similar to existing software due to limited expression options, does not constitute an infringement of the 星力平台下载 copyright of existing software.

9. what is the role of 星力平台下载 copyright registration in computer software?

a: the 星力平台下载 copyright administration of the state encourages 星力平台下载 copyright owners to register the 星力平台下载 copyright in computer software and gives priority protection to the registered software. the software 星力平台下载 copyright registration certificate is the preliminary proof of the registered item, which can help the holder to reduce the burden of proof in the lawsuit. according to the relevant provisions of several policies to encourage the development of the software industry and the integrated circuit industry issued by the state council, certificates can be used as proof for software enterprises to apply for tax exemption or exemption.

10. is there 星力平台下载 copyright only after registration of software 星力平台下载 copyright?

a: after the software development is completed, the 星力平台下载 copyright will automatically come into being.

11. can the software name applied for registration not be renamed with the registered software name?

answer: as long as is independent development enjoys the software of 星力平台下载 copyright can apply for registration, software name can be the same or similar.

12. can foreign companies register at home?

answer: can register according to computer software 星力平台下载 copyright registration method.

13. what are the requirements for the identification documents submitted by foreign companies?

a: the identification documents submitted by foreign companies need to be authenticated by the chinese embassy and consulate in the region. meanwhile, all foreign language documents need to be translated by the translation company and affixed with the official seal of the translation company.

14. who registers the co-developed software?

answer: the cooperative development of software 星力平台下载 copyright registration, can be negotiated by the 星力平台下载 copyright owner of a classic zuoquanren as representative, the applicant shall be signed by the 星力平台下载 copyright owner to sign official seal. where there is no consensus among the 星力平台下载 copyright owners, any 星力平台下载 copyright owner may apply for registration without prejudice to the interests of other 星力平台下载 copyright owners, provided that other 星力平台下载 copyright owners are noted.

15. can algorithm software register?

a: algorithm is a mathematical method. in software development, the algorithm implemented by the computer programming language is protected by 星力平台下载 copyright and can be registered.

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