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siemens has a record number of patents worldwide, with some 4,600 filed last year
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siemens said recently that its 2012 fiscal year saw a record increase in patent filings: it filed about 4,600 patents, up 7% from a year earlier, or about 21 per working day.

siemens now has 57300 patents worldwide. siemens also reported a record number of inventions, 8,900, up 5 per cent year on year, or 41 per working day. siemens has about 29,500 researchers and more than twice as many inventions per person as it did a decade ago.

among the existing number of patents, is designed for about 20200 items related to the environmental protection business combination developed environmental protection related patents, including highly efficient energy-saving products and solutions, such as renewable energy and environmental technologies. in fiscal 2012, combined with environmental protection related products for siemens created 33.2 billion euros in revenue, up 10% from a year earlier, more than the siemens overall revenue growth, siemens environmental protection products and solutions help customers worldwide to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 332 million tons.

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